Razor-Sharp Image & Data Annotation.

Invigorate Your ML & AI Applications with Expertly Annotated Data.

CapeStart’s integrated, expert team of data analysts and our ProNotate data annotation tool provide data preparation, labeling, annotation and enrichment services for healthcare, financial services, telecom, retail, or the legal industry.

Feed Your Machine Learning Models the Right Way.

World-class athletes eat clean to win, and the same is true for your machine learning models: For top results, they need to be fed clean, accurate data. Our team of analysts and subject matter experts have years of experience preparing, labeling and annotating a healthy spectrum of images and data from various industries and sources.

Combined with CapeStart’s innovative ProNotate data labeling and annotation tool, we’ll be your go-to resource for preparing and annotating images and other datasets – from content categorization and image labeling; to data extraction, collection & cleaning; to sentiment training and algorithm testing.

CapeStart Data Annotation:
How it Works.



You provide a data sample, along with annotation, labeling, and file formatting requirements – no matter how complex.

Free Sample

Free Sample

We prepare and annotate your data sample for free. You evaluate how we did (hint: You’re going to love it).



We use your feedback to further refine annotation and labeling parameters, develop internal team instructions, and create training documentation.



Our 250-strong, integrated team scales your project quickly, delivering quality-checked, accurately labeled big datasets for your review and sign off.

See Us in Action.

Intent Labeling & Entity Extraction.

A leading organization required high-quality, expertly-annotated data to train its Natural Language Understanding (NLU) model. CapeStart provided three levels of data labeling that covered text classification, identifying intent, and extracting key entities, to help train the NLU model. This allowed the client to automate, and ultimately improve, its service.

Text Classification.

CapeStart provides ongoing data labeling and text classification to train different NLP models for a global research and advisory firm that works within several industries.

Point cloud - Object Detection and 3D Bounding Box.

CapeStart performed object detection and 3D bounding box annotation with object attributes for a leading LiDAR solutions company to train their autonomous driving model. The project involved annotation of point cloud imaging of highway traffic scenes including vehicles, traffic signals, billboards, and pedestrians.

Image - Bounding box.

CapeStart worked with a leading IT consulting company to provide pixel sharp bounding box and polygon annotations. This training data was used for facial recognition and image/logo identification.

Image & Data
Labeling Services.

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