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ProNotate: The Data Annotation Platform.

Your Launch Pad for Fast, Accurate Machine Learning Training Data.

ProNotate is the leading unified SaaS platform for AI and machine learning data labeling and data annotation – the bedrock of successful ML training – in healthcare, finance, telecom, retail, and legal. Use our powerful and user-friendly data annotation platform in the cloud, on premise, or as a managed service.

Out-train Your Competitors with the Most Reliable Data.

Annotate and label video, images and text data quickly and intelligently through ProNotate’s innovative and intuitive user interface.

ProNotate supports data and image annotation types and tools including image classification, image segmentation, image bounding box, video classification, video analysis and annotation, and object/motion tracking. Import any major image format including JPEG, JPG, JFIF, PNG, and BMP, or pre-annotated data via JSON or CSV.

ProNotate can be combined with CapeStart’s extensive library of machine learning models and rich training datasets, along with our in-house data scientists, analysts, and subject matter experts in the annotation of medical images like CT scans, MRIs, and X-Rays.


Your All-in-One
Annotation Toolbox.

Video, Image & Text Annotation

Video, Image & Text Annotation

Annotate images, video and text with tools like bounding box, polygon, image segmentation, image classification, text summarization, and text classification.

Easy Project Management

Easy Project Management

Track projects, analyze results, and monitor analyst performance in real time from ProNotate’s management dashboard.

Semi-Automatic Tagging

Semi-Automatic Tagging

Train our semi-automatic annotation tool to automatically annotate and label images or other datasets with minimal user interaction.

Easy Exports

Easy Exports

Export your labeled or annotated datasets in JSON, CSV or Stanford NER formats for easy integration into machine learning models or data warehouses.

ProNotate Features.

Pronotate supports image, text, and video annotations along with medical image segmentation.

Image/Medical Image Annotations:

  • Supports Major File Formats Like JPEG, JPG, JFIF, PNG, BMP, Zip Files, URLs, Or Single Image Files
  • Includes Contouring, Interpolation, Resizing Bubbles And Other Functionalities
  • Supports Major Annotation Types Including Image Segmentation, Image Classification, And Image Masking
  • Supports Various Tools For Annotating Including Line, Polygon, Polyline, Circle, Rectangle, And Point

Text Annotations:

  • Supports Text, PDF, Document Files As Well As Pre-Annotated Data
  • Annotates Data Hierarchically And Supports Dynamic Labelling
  • Supports POS Tagging, NER Tagging And Text Classification
  • Output Files Can Be Downloaded In JSON And CSV Format

Video Annotation:

  • Video Object Detection And Tracking
  • Creates Rectangular Bounding Boxes Around Objects In Video Clips
  • Supports Multi Grouping Of Labels

Data & Image Labeling Features.

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