Cut Through the Noise Faster with CapeStart’s Semi-Automated SLR Processes.

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Let’s schedule a one-on-one discovery call. We’ll show you how CapeStart’s integrated team of data scientists and machine learning engineers can help you perform a multitude of time-consuming systematic literature review tasks, including question formulation and scientific literature full-text mining, for less time and expense.

  • AI and development services for SLR and meta analyses, including ML and NLP models customized for the generation of SLRs
  • Choose from customized or pre-built ML/NLP models to accelerate information extraction, PICO identification, and other important functions
  • Consulting and data services in health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) by expert biostatisticians
  • Contract research services including identifying, extracting, and compiling relevant information from peer-reviewed studies; extracted data synthesization and meta analysis generation; and regular updates based on the latest data
  • CapeStart’s proprietary, NLP-aided solution helps semi-automate the generation of SLRs and meta analyses through an all-inclusive search engine, intuitive workflow, and other advanced tools

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